May 04, 2011


"I know of Dharma, and have no tendency for it;
I know of Adharma, and I cannot cease from it.
By you, Hrishikesha, who are seated in the heart --
I do what I do - just as
I'm directed by you..
~ Suyodhana, Mahabharata

An enlightened Duryodhana, acknowledging the all-inclusive, unequivocal, outright, absolute, sovereign will of the Lord....

Dharma = morality
Adharma = immorality
Hrishikesha = ruler of the senses

Also, Duryodhana (duH-yaH-dhana: that which is hard to win) was really Suyodhana(su-yaH-dhana: the best win/prize). He renamed himself Duryodhana from Suyodhana. Only Krishna calls him Suyodhana in the entire epic.
Hare Krishna!!!

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